About Mascha

Hi! I was expecting you!

Welcome, it’s time to flop your shoes off, and here is a nice cup of tea for you. Take a seat at the big pinkish chair in the corner of our studio. 

I’m Mascha (pronounce the a’s like in ‘cart’) Siekkötter (it’s okay 😂🤫)

This is where all the art get’s made! Oh sorry, you’ve got some Elf dust in your hair, I think one of them flew by… they are very sweet and a bit shy. And they are living here temporarily, for a few years now. 

Well… if it’s not too much of a hassle, is it okay if I go and look after the kids, it’s three of them, you know. You can browse around, and if you need my help, just push the contact button over there, and I’ll be with you soon. 

Oh, and don’t forget to sign in for the magical newsletter on your way out. 

Thank you,
for ever gratefully yours,
Mascha Sie….whatever 🌸✌️