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Portrait of Mascha Siekkötter


“I love to make art, but the marketing is a full time job! I hardly get to painting!


“The market keeps changing so quickly, that I gave up trying to understand it. Now I just make my watercolors for me, and they are piling up in my studio.”


“This year I want to focus on publishing an illustrated book. But I need to learn more about illustration first.” 


“Networking with other artists has been really helpful for me, they understand what it is like to be serious about doing something you really love.”

Hi, my name is Mascha and I’ve learned a lot about the art business. I’ve tried a lot of things, some worked, some didn’t work. My artwork is exhibited in London, Paris and The Hague (NL), and permanent in New York and my home town Arnhem (NL). I sell items printed with my designs all over the world with my online shop. I work as an art, design and photography teacher for more than twenty years. Why are you calculating my age now, how could you?! No, I’m just kidding.... 

But one thing I am very serious about is helping you, to grow your art business. When my colleagues say to me they really want to have their own website, but don’t know where to start, or they sell occasionally on Insta or Etsy, my heart breaks. 

If you would like to ask me any questions